My professional growth goals


AITSL performance and development culture graphic:

According to AITSL (2012), teacher growth and development is the central factor in establishing a performance and development culture in education.  As part of my ongoing professional development, I have set some professional growth goals based on the following broad categories:

  1. Formative assessment
  2. Student motivation
  3. Religious Education content, curriculum and pedagogy

“Reflective teachers systematically set annual growth goals for themselves.” (Marzano et al, 2013, p. 37).  Setting goals is part of a process of critical reflection; after identifying areas for improvement, setting goals is the first step towards engaging in focused practice and enhancing skills and knowledge.

As part of my professional learning, I intend to blog about my research and classroom practice relating to these three categories. In this way, I can track my progress towards meeting these growth goals.

Text source: Marzano, J., Boogren, T., Heflebower, T., Kanold-McIntyre, J. & Pickering, D. 2012. Becoming a Reflective Teacher. Marzano Research Laboratory, Bloomington, IN.


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