Finland leads the way (again)

The Finnish school system has long been seen as a model for the rest of the world due to its innovative policies and stellar results on a global scale. Now it seems that the experts are making big changes, not because the system is not working, but because they want it to continue to serve students well into the future, which is shaping up to be increasingly technological and global.

One big change is less focus on distinct disciplinary areas (such as maths, science and technology) and more of a focus on phenomenon-based teaching. This means more interdisciplinary projects with a real world focus. Some Australian schools have embraced this style of teaching and learning on a small scale already, but Finland is making this a focus of their national curriculum.

In addition, there will be more focus on student collaboration and student involvement in lesson planning. The importance of collaboration as a 21st century skill has been on the educational radar for some time and this is now enshrined in educational policy in Finland.

Bravo, Finland, for taking a proactive approach to creating an education system that serves the future needs of students.

See the full details at Huffington Post.


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