Standard Eight

Professional Standard Eight – foster positive and productive relationships with families and the community

Standard Eight requires teachers to develop strong relationships with parents and the community.  Teachers communicate regularly with parents regarding student learning and wellbeing with the intention of building strong bonds between home and school.  In addition, teachers encourage students and the school to engage with local community initiatives in order to broaden the educational experience.

My role as Debating Coordinator at St Rita’s College has enabled me to demonstrate practice, knowledge and values of standard eight.  I regularly communicate with parents and the school community via letters and publications in the school newsletter (Verbis). I make use of the school newsletter to inform the school community about the recent successes and activities of the College Debating Team in the Queensland Debating Union and Brisbane Girls Debating Competitions.  I use letters to parents to create the first step in a parent-school partnership regarding their daughters’ participation in school debating.  Through these methods of communication, along with face to face meetings and telephone calls, I am able to ensure ongoing parental and community engagement through my collaboration with parents, coaches, teams, community organisations (including the QDU) and the College.


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