Standard Nine

Professional Standard Nine – contribute to professional teams

Standard Nine requires teachers to work collaboratively with teaching and administrative teams within the school in order to achieve personal, team and school objectives.  Teachers must develop relationships with team members in order to improve overall teaching and learning outcomes for students.  In doing so, teachers must develop skills in interpersonal communication, time management, record-keeping, negotiation and mentoring. A collaborative approach is essential to the progress of schools and the education sector in general.

AITSL Committee

My participation in the St Rita’s College AITSL Committee clearly demonstrates the practice, knowledge and values of standard nine.  AITSL is the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership and its role is to provide leadership and promote excellence in the teaching profession.  The major AITSL initiative at the time of writing this eportfolio was the implementation of the National Standard for Teachers.  Our AITSL Committee aims to help St Rita’s staff to identify the technical core of great teaching, develop professional development plans and identify strategies to provide a body of evidence in relation to these National Standards.  My ongoing participation in this team has allowed me to work collaboratively with College staff to improve the overall teaching and learning outcomes for our students via academic research, in-person and online collaboration with staff members and the development of action plans.  I firmly believe that schools can only accomplish growth and change through a team approach.

Unit writing: Spanish Conquest

My unit planning activities clearly demonstrate the practice, knowledge and values of standard nine.  I created a year 8 Spanish Conquest unit plan collaboratively with the head of KLA for implementation in Term 4 of 2012. The planning was created around the Dimensions of Learning framework and the Australian National Curriculum for History. The unit plan forms part of a large collaborative effort from the Social Science Department in planning effectively for curriculum changes for next year, therefore goal setting management skills and time management had been paramount from all staff including myself.  In my role coordinating this year 8 unit, I had to regularly communicate with department staff face to face and electronically regarding resourcing, assessment and learning experiences for this unit of work.

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