Standard One

Professional Standard One – design and implement engaging and flexible learning experiences for individuals and groups

Standard One requires teachers to create and deliver learning experiences for individuals and groups that cater for a variety of learning styles in order to engage all students in the class.  Lessons should address clear learning goals and curriculum requirements and be flexible and adaptable to the needs of the students.  Teachers should evaluate the learning experiences with the intention of continuously improving teaching, learning and assessment.

Lesson Sequence: “Historical Sources”

The lesson sequence (and accompanying resources) clearly reflects the practice, knowledge and values of Standard One.  The learning goals reflect the curriculum priority of Identifying the origin and purpose of primary and secondary sources (ACHHS153) and were designed to develop year 8 students’ understanding of the first order concept of ‘historical sources’ in their first history unit for the year (Medieval Europe). The learning occurred in a scaffolded and flexible environment; experiences reflected in this lesson included a combination of learning modalities, ensuring students experienced scaffolded lesson segments (via teacher-modelled examples and peer learning) before moving into independent work.  The learning experiences were further scaffolded through the use of reference sheet and retrieval charts which were deemed to be developmentally appropriate for year 8 students studying history for the first time. The learning took place in an ICT-enriched environment via the use of individual laptops which ensured students maintained a digital record of their learning.  The teaching resources could easily be adapted to different developmental/year levels.

Artefact 1: lesson plan “Historical Sources”

Artefact 2: Historical Source Documents and  Retrieval Chart [contact the author]

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