Standard Six

Professional Standard Six- support personal development and participation in society  

Standard Six requires teachers to encourage students to become lifelong learners who engage with the society in which they live.  Teachers should encourage students to set goals for themselves and develop their own personal identity.  Learning activities should focus on events, situations and concepts that occur beyond the world of school and encourage students to test ideas, take intellectual risks and develop life skills.  Teachers should support students in pastoral and co-curricular endeavours.

Term planner: Catholic Social Teachings and the Millennium Development Goals

The learning activities contained in this term planner clearly reflect the practice, knowledge and values of standard six.  The assessment for this unit of work required students to research the the work of one individual or group working in aid projects in the developing world and evaluate their progress toward the Millennium Development Goals and demonstration of the Catholic Social teachings.  I planned learning activities that focused on global development issues and the broad concept of justice in order to get students thinking about the range of issues facing people in the world’s developing nations.  I selected learning activities that would be highly engaging to students and develop a solid understanding of the issues that the Millennium Development Goals seek to address.  Such activities included analysing of contemporary political cartoons and bible passages and the construction of definitions using the Frayer Model strategy.  The moving case study of Dr Catherine Hamlin, a doctor working in Ethiopia to cure indigenous patients of obstetric fistula, was both illuminating and appropriate for this class of year 10 girls.  Through these activities and the assessment task, students were encouraged to think deeply about their own response to such issues and encouraged a lifelong interest in issues ‘beyond the classroom’.

Artefact 1: Term Planner – CSTs and MDGs

Encouraging co-curricular endeavours: Debating

I have also demonstrated the values of standard six in my role as Debating Coordinator and coach at St Rita’s College.  My role as Debating Coordinator requires me to encourage students to participate in this worthwhile co-curricular activity, place students in teams, educate the students about debating and manage the general day-to-day running of the debating program.  I have established a collection of debating resources for students and conduct and manage debating education throughout the school.  In my role as coach, I encourage students to take responsibility for their ideas, take intellectual risks and develop skills of public speaking and critical thinking, all of which help them to prepare for the world of university and work.

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