Standard Ten

Professional Standard Ten – commit to reflective practice and ongoing professional renewal

Standard Ten requires teachers to continually improve their teaching practice through a combination of critical reflection and professional development.  Teachers should analyse their strengths and weaknesses, establish clear professional learning goals and actively seek opportunities for professional development in these identified areas.  The process of critical reflection ensures that teachers are participating in an ongoing feedback and professional learning loop.

The artefacts below clearly demonstrate the practice, knowledge and values of standard ten.  I used my continuing professional development plan to set goals for the year corresponding with the professional standards.  When creating each goal I did so in collaboration with my mentor teachers so I could best steer my professional development toward goals and areas I needed to strengthen.  I have participated in regular lesson observations from members of the leadership team and use feedback from such observations to continually improve my teaching practice.  In addition, I take the time to reflect on each lesson using the reflection tab at the bottom of my lesson plans.  These reflections help me to make instructional adjustments during a unit of work and ensure that the lesson is improved each time I teach it.  Finally, I also keep a detailed professional development and academic reading log to track my professional learning.

Artefact 1: Professional Development Plan

Artefact 2: Lesson observation reports

Artefact 3: Lesson reflections

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