Standard Two

Professional Standard Two – design and implement learning experiences that develop language, literacy and numeracy

Standard Two requires teachers to create and deliver learning experiences that develop students’ language, literacy and numeracy skills. The learning goals for such learning experiences should match identified learning objectives regarding developmentally-appropriate speaking, listening, reading, writing and numeracy.  Learning experiences should explicitly teach such skills and build on students’ prior knowledge and skills.  Teachers should evaluate the learning experiences with the intention of continuously improving teaching, learning and assessment.

Lesson plan: teaching PEEL paragraph strategy to year 8 history students

This lesson plan clearly reflects the practice, knowledge and values of standard two.  This lesson on PEEL paragraphs was used to establish key literacy skills for year 8 history students in line with curriculum requirement ACHHS156: Develop texts. After determining the students’ base level knowledge and skill in paragraph-writing via a previous homework task, students were explicitly taught the PEEL paragraph structure via direct instruction and questioning.  Students then had the opportunity to apply and shape their knowledge with the first learning activity (identifying features of PEEL paragraph in modelled example).  Students could then affirm their learning by checking their response against the teacher model.  The second learning activity and following opportunities to repeat the skill in a number of class-based activities enabled students greater shaping and internalisation of this important skill.

Artefact 1: Lesson Plan “PEEL paragraphs” including student work sample and PEEL planning scaffold

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